Visit of the « Confinement » exhibition with children@The French Alliance

On the 29th of October 2013, we did a visit  of the « Confinement » exhibition for children at the French Alliance of Dar es Salaam.


After the explanations, the children were very happy to participate in their way in a « fight for space »: they wrote « Karibu »(Welcome-Bienvenue) with colorful tapes on a big piece of cardboard fighting for their space and above all, working all together on the same piece of artwork.

L’Enfer-Me-Ment/Confinement@The French Alliance

4 walls/4 artists/Enclosed for 48 hours

Wouah ! We thought it, we made it, we lived it ! It was an extraordinary  experience, full of emotions. A lot of work, lack of sleep but incredible memories. We have learned to transcend unexpected events into creativity.


What was it about?

The aim of the performance was to spend 48 hours closed together : creating, thinking, sharing techniques or ideas, defending or fighting for them, for our space.

Being locked up behind two doors, between four walls is reminiscent of prison, of room, of solitude. This solitude engendered by seclusion, evokes feelings of walls, borders but also by contradiction, the loneliness of wide open spaces that make us dream. This is not to mention the solitude of urban spaces caused by the rapid development of our cities. Boulevards are bustling with people, crowds swarm together, live beside each other, pass without speaking to each other, without even noticing each other.

© Charlotte Schattenmann

© Charlotte Schattenmann

Stop time to think and reflect about freedom of creating : breaks, blockage, obessions, unrest, set ideas, judgments of values, irrational delusions or delirium which prevent us from really expressing ourselves, accessing and revealing ourselves.

A human adventure where alliances much more than oppositions were created and where artists’ego  sublimated each other under confinement. Is creating under constraint still creating ? Being deprived of sleep sometimes fades the borders between dream and reality.

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