Woodcut workshop@Nafasi

In this workshop, that I led from the 25th to the 29th of November, The Tanzanian artists have learnt new interesting techniques of woodcut. We have worked together as a team on two different subjects: cartography and gangsters.

Ephrem Salomon

Here is my friend and very talented artist from Ethiopia.

He helped me to organize the workshop.

He helped me to organize the workshop.

For the first exercise, about cartography, they had to make research and sketches on lines and patterns. The woodcut were made as a serial of three A5 sizes printed with colors on Japanese Awagami paper.

The second theme was printed on big sizes with a steamroller machine (the same than to make roads) in black and white. Only few people use that crazy technique which was a first time in Tanzania and a good opportunity for the artist.

Gangsters 1


Tanzanian Young Reporters

On the Saturday 23d of November, I visited the Tanzanian Young Reporters to help Unicef to document by taking pictures and interviewing young people.

The aim of this network is to teach teenagers new skills in radio (handling, using the equipment,  reporting and producing programmes) by developing their capacity to fight for children rights.

Approximately 60 children have been trained in Tanzania which has the advantage of its unified language, Kiswahili, spoken throughout the country.

In those 30 minutes programmes, the teens share their concerns, hopes and aspirations, challenges and obstacles in a country where the voices of young people still remain most of the time silent and where children rights rarely feature in the mainstream media from a young’s perspective.

Using the radio is an effective way of spreading young people’s messages among the public, key decision-makers and the government. It is also an opportunity for youngs to offer key insights and perspectives on the issues that concern and affect them. The programs are broadcasted on the collaborating community radio stations and uploaded on http://soundcloud.com/groups/young-reporters-network-wanahabari-watoto/tracks to be listened for free.

Visit of the Biennale with pupils@Nafasi Art Space

Biennale 3

This friday 22nd of November, I have organized a visit for the French school at the Nafasi cultural center. We went to see the East African Biennale of contemporary art.

After a first brainstorming and definition of art, we played different kind of games:

– Find the painting where this detail is coming from

– True or false about big aesthetic questions

– Guess what is artwork is made of?

– Tell me the story of that painting (before and after)

Then the children started an art activity: portraits of a friend with newspapers and magazines.

Very happy morning with those 4 different groups: interesting reflections and funny remarks coming from the children. We all enjoyed…