Curating workshop@Nafasi Art Space

This training was proposed within the framework of the project “Skills for the creative Industry Support Services” subsidized by the European Commission, in partnership with The British Council and The French Alliance of Arusha at the Nafasi cultural center.

The project has the aim to increase the potential of Tanzanian creative industries and to strengthen the Tanzanian cultural sector by building capacity in areas of administration and technical skills to support artists in their work.  It is also looking to increase employability and enhance marketable skills of these individuals which help the creative industry at large.

Introduction and Basics of Curating Art Shows

The training was designed for individuals who helm a position in organizing art shows, gallery set up, etc.

– It started with some contemporary art history and questioned the link between art and philosophy or psychology.

– Then, the term ‘curating’ was defined with examples and discussions.

– Furthermore, the training broached an introduction to the ethic of curating, the deontology and the basics of the market’s rules.

– And at the end there was some practical exercises setting up an exhibition: administration, finance, scenography, communication, mediation, etc.

Congratulations and many thanks to my wonderful and very assiduous 15 students who did pass the test with 75% at least!!!