Curating workshop@National Museum & House Of Culture #NMHOC


Last month, I gave a training for the team of the National Museum of Dar es Salaam. I was pleased to meet qualified and interesting people and very surprised by the enthusiasm and the motivation. The staff of the National Museum is involved despite the fact they face frustrations in the day to day work due to the many proceedings required before to create an event. The will is there, the only thing missing is confidence and a little hand to give the opportunity and free the space to to propose.


National Museum and House of Culture, city center of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


The training-workshop took place in March 2015 from 8 :00am to 12: 30am:

  • On Tuesday the 24th
  • On Thursday the 26th
  • On Monday the 30th


Day 1

  • Self-introductions, aims and expectations
  • Refresh: contemporary art
  • Basics of art’s philosophy and psychology (Aesthetic and keys of rationalization)
  • Basics of art’s sociology (rejects of contemporary art)
  • Introduction to the mediation of art (good spectator)

Day 2

  • Remind: definition of curating
  • Remind: history of curating
  • Basics: ethic and deontology of curating
  • Introduction to the rules of the art’s market
  • Beginning of the practical exercise on the organization of a real event ‘The children festival’.

Day 3

  • Practical exercise on the organization of a real event ‘The children festival’.
  • External and internal communication

Recommendations for future work:

  • necessity to create links between the different actors of the cultural scene in Dar es Salaam
  • continue and enhance the discussions about the market rues of art in Tanzania
  • try to create facilities for the other cultural actors who would like to produce events in the Museum
  • try to limit the proceedings for the team members who would like to develop the creation of new punctual projects and events in the Museum
  • create a database for the public but also an advisory council on the events
  • propose readymade and self sufficient projects to the management
  • cooperate and work in team, working platform
  • create personal objectives in the day to day work

Chapchap family event@Nafasi Art Space

On the saturday 31d of January, we have organized a ‘curiosity’ chapchap with the help of the artists of the Nafasi Art Space of Dar-es-Salaam – Mikocheni.

This family event is linked  to our ongoing exhibition ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’. 

We proposed a family art and crafts activity:

– collect vegetal element in the area

– assemble them together to create an imaginary insect

– glue them on a wooden stick or on  black paper

Then the show started again with the performances of  Makini  NGO and MuDa Africa contemporary dance school and the reactions spoke for themselves!


Scenography worskshop@the French preschool


Bird 1  Bird 3

Every year, the French school organize a show to celebrate the end of the school. This time, the pre school asked me to make a scenography project with them. As the topic was Brazil, we have decided to build a bird pieces by pieces during one week

Thanks to those little ones for the very funny, tender and excited moments we have spent together.


Mother’s day workshop@Alt Del studio

For the Mother’s day, I have been asked to make a special project with the children of the last preschool group (6 years old-Grande Section).

The work was based on the feelings. « Have you ever seen your mother crazy, angry, sad, happy, in love…? ». The children had to draw funny mother in those different feelings…Then we selected the funniest for the collective artwork but they kept their favorite picture for the gift card.

photos mai 225

The week after, they came to visit the studio. The had a initiation to screen printing and they could finally print their present themselves.

photos mai 216


Before the Mother’s day, the children invited me at a very nice breakfast to give the present to their mother.

photos mai 290


Curating workshop@Nafasi Art Space

This training was proposed within the framework of the project “Skills for the creative Industry Support Services” subsidized by the European Commission, in partnership with The British Council and The French Alliance of Arusha at the Nafasi cultural center.

The project has the aim to increase the potential of Tanzanian creative industries and to strengthen the Tanzanian cultural sector by building capacity in areas of administration and technical skills to support artists in their work.  It is also looking to increase employability and enhance marketable skills of these individuals which help the creative industry at large.

Introduction and Basics of Curating Art Shows

The training was designed for individuals who helm a position in organizing art shows, gallery set up, etc.

– It started with some contemporary art history and questioned the link between art and philosophy or psychology.

– Then, the term ‘curating’ was defined with examples and discussions.

– Furthermore, the training broached an introduction to the ethic of curating, the deontology and the basics of the market’s rules.

– And at the end there was some practical exercises setting up an exhibition: administration, finance, scenography, communication, mediation, etc.

Congratulations and many thanks to my wonderful and very assiduous 15 students who did pass the test with 75% at least!!!

Chapchap family event@Nafasi Art Space

On the saturday 25th of January, I have organized a printing chapchap with the help of the wonderful artists of the Nafasi Art Space of Dar-es-Salaam – Mikocheni.

This family event coincide most of the time with the opening of an exhibition. This time, we set up the artworks of the student who followed my woodcut workshop in November.

I proposed 4 different techniques of monotype:

– with a brush

– with cotton buds

– with a pencil

– with pieces of paper

The adults seemed to enjoy as much as the kids!

Woodcut workshop@Nafasi

In this workshop, that I led from the 25th to the 29th of November, The Tanzanian artists have learnt new interesting techniques of woodcut. We have worked together as a team on two different subjects: cartography and gangsters.

Ephrem Salomon

Here is my friend and very talented artist from Ethiopia.

He helped me to organize the workshop.

He helped me to organize the workshop.

For the first exercise, about cartography, they had to make research and sketches on lines and patterns. The woodcut were made as a serial of three A5 sizes printed with colors on Japanese Awagami paper.

The second theme was printed on big sizes with a steamroller machine (the same than to make roads) in black and white. Only few people use that crazy technique which was a first time in Tanzania and a good opportunity for the artist.

Gangsters 1


Jengo la watoto workshop@Muhimbili hospital


After the painting of the entrance wall at the New  Muhimbili Hospital’s ward for children suffering from cancer, I organized a big activity of 2 days with the sick children. Thanks to an adorable team of friends (Charlie, Lisa, Rachel, Stéphanie, Charlotte and Ingrid), who answered at once to help me, it was even a richer experience.

We created wonderful jellyfish and corals of plenty of colors.  After having printed the hands of the children on paper with pastel colors, they cut the shapes and sticked ribbons, threads and lines of colored napkins on them.

We hanged part of the creations on a rope and fixed the other part on a big underwater panorama painted on a very wide paper by the children.

© Chris Morgan