Creation of an exhibition with teenagers

With the sixth grade we have talked about idiomatic expressions to illustrate. French langage is not uniform but very rich of words and expressions coming from different french speaking cultures which express the different realities of cities such like Brussels, Kinshasa, Geneva, Port-au-Prince, Montreal or Paris.

With the seventh grade we have worked on the specific vocabulary (10 words) chosen every year for the francophonie. For this project, the Watchata crew, Tanzanian graffiti artist came to help us from the typography to the drawing technique with spray.

The students of eighth grade have made researches on the topic of refugees. They have read article, they have watched documentaries to understand the phenomenon of migratory flux. Then they have chosen a specific story to tell in an installation made of boxes questioning…What if we were them? Why are the people so afraid by refugees? And if we had to leave, where would we go, what would we bring with us?

Grade nine has realized a performance based on a play from Ribes about art, museum and our relationship to contemporary art.

With the high school, we have studied stereotype and cliche about gender in photography.


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