Curating workshop@National Museum & House Of Culture #NMHOC


Last month, I gave a training for the team of the National Museum of Dar es Salaam. I was pleased to meet qualified and interesting people and very surprised by the enthusiasm and the motivation. The staff of the National Museum is involved despite the fact they face frustrations in the day to day work due to the many proceedings required before to create an event. The will is there, the only thing missing is confidence and a little hand to give the opportunity and free the space to to propose.


National Museum and House of Culture, city center of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


The training-workshop took place in March 2015 from 8 :00am to 12: 30am:

  • On Tuesday the 24th
  • On Thursday the 26th
  • On Monday the 30th


Day 1

  • Self-introductions, aims and expectations
  • Refresh: contemporary art
  • Basics of art’s philosophy and psychology (Aesthetic and keys of rationalization)
  • Basics of art’s sociology (rejects of contemporary art)
  • Introduction to the mediation of art (good spectator)

Day 2

  • Remind: definition of curating
  • Remind: history of curating
  • Basics: ethic and deontology of curating
  • Introduction to the rules of the art’s market
  • Beginning of the practical exercise on the organization of a real event ‘The children festival’.

Day 3

  • Practical exercise on the organization of a real event ‘The children festival’.
  • External and internal communication

Recommendations for future work:

  • necessity to create links between the different actors of the cultural scene in Dar es Salaam
  • continue and enhance the discussions about the market rues of art in Tanzania
  • try to create facilities for the other cultural actors who would like to produce events in the Museum
  • try to limit the proceedings for the team members who would like to develop the creation of new punctual projects and events in the Museum
  • create a database for the public but also an advisory council on the events
  • propose readymade and self sufficient projects to the management
  • cooperate and work in team, working platform
  • create personal objectives in the day to day work
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