A group of artists recreate a ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ also known as ‘Cabinets of Wonders’ in an exhibition, like a a memory theatre of wonders and monstrosities.

Cabinets of curiosities first appeared in Italy during in the 16th century. Explorers and researchers brought back treasures from their travels and unknown territories to be shown in a small room as symbol of their wellbeing and good education. There were encyclopaedic collections of objects belonging to natural history, geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics and antiquities.

This exhibition is an opportunity to promote the Tanzanian contemporary artists and demonstrate the power of a collective and multicultural creation, sharing knowledge, techniques and artistic competences. They artists reinterpret objects belonging to fauna, flora,  mythical and magical creatures all depicted in installations or performances using a diverse mix of medias, such as, sculpture, painting, engraving, printing, drawing, photography, video and dance.

The visual  Artists 

Delphine Buysse,  Cloud Chatanda, Patrick Francis Imanjama, Vita Malulu, Gadi Ramadhani, Charlotte Schattenmann, Jan van Esch.

The organizations and performing artists 

Makini, Muda Africa, Mama Africa Circus

The sound creator of the exhibitions

Jean-Baptiste Ruzindana

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