Paper II exhibition@Circle Art Gallery

Feel blessed to have been picked up again by The Circle Art Gallery for its second exhibition of Art on paper

November 24 – December 23, 2015

IMG_9407  IMG_9403

The group exhibition dubbed ‘Paper II’ presents over 50 works on paper in all their variety from drawings, prints, photographs, collage, sculpture and installation. It follows the success of the first and unique Circle paper exhibition held in Kenya on March 2014 showcasing 40 works. The intention of the exhibition is to expose a wider range of artists and to attract new collectors.

Attracting works from a group of San printmakers from the Kalahari, Botswana for the first time in Kenya, the exhibition brings together carefully curated and thought-provoking artwork from emerging and established artists.

Commenting on the exhibition, Danda Jaroljmek, Director Circle Art Agency says, “This is the first time that we have received such varied works from emerging artists who are really experimenting with new media and concepts, which is very exciting to witness.”

IMG_6235 IMG_6366

IMG_7233 IMG_7232

12309707_10208511209921460_1863465899214158209_o   12304451_1018155878241808_1109526682947583124_o

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