Fear serie

In his book ‘The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals’, Charles Darwin describes the feeling of fear step by step and with much subtlety. Fear is the anxiety felt when facing or thinking about the possible danger of a threat (real or dreamed). It will in this aspect always be a simple representation of reality and not reality itself.


Bone marrow, heart or face transplants, xenogreffes… All this medical and scientific progress never stops. It sometimes makes us dizzy while offering us a few more minutes of life each day. The Man is, at the same time, the biggest danger for he survival of life on earth but also the genius who has extended life of the human being. This duality of life and death is contained in every particle on earth and is probably the most difficult thing to accept but also the only understandable reason of happiness.

Vodun & Boli

The etymology of voodoo is coming from the linguistic family aja-tado. It means the invisible (voo) world (= doo). More than a religion, voodoo is an art of living, a way to show that we are sensitive to the power under which we are living, respectful of the ancient and of all the people who lived before us. This perspective is aesthetic and poetic, a worldview in itself

Jericho’s rose

Jericho’s rose is a dead desert plant whose dry and shrunken shoots enclose fruits containing living seeds. The flower opens itself on contact with water. Its shoots spread and free seeds whose germination gives birth to green plants which, in turn, will start drying and rolling up in order to protect fruits against rodents and birds. According to some beliefs this plant opens itself during Christmas night and his presence is said to help giving birth. As an artist, I always have the will to experiment something new but I often feel down after an exhibition and it leads me sometimes to doubt of my capacity to find new ideas. Then, I need to withdraw to be able to think, conceive and recreate as a chrysalis needs to take its time to come out of his shell and reborn. ‘There is nothing as constant as change’.

Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants are fascinating flora, capable of attracting, trapping preys and then assimilating parts or all of it in order to meet its own needs. In the 19th century Karl Litche, a German botanist, published the story of a human sacrificed by a tree, ‘the myth of the anthropophagous tree of Madagascar’. Today, carnivorous plants start to disappear because of human being and pollution. What would happen to us if the nature’s rules were inverted? During some difficult time of my life, the thought that it is better to plough a lonely furrow than to keep bad company sometimes passed through my mind. But everybody knows that it is the fear of the other which led people to think like this even if we  can sometimes keep some distrust’s scars of backwinds.

Venomous insects

Those venomous insects are amongst the most dangerous on earth. Their venom is a complex mix of chemical substances aiming to kill or paralyze their preys. “When we’re alive, death doesn’t exist. When death is there, we are no more. So, why exactly do you fear death?” Montaigne.

Wood and ink installation

Wood and ink installation

Black Dino


What is the link between a dinosaur and oil slick? At dinosaur’s era, an asteroid was the cause of the species’ extinction. Today the biggest danger for the animal kingdom is the human being and his incessant and growing activities which destroy nature and endanger the survival of life on earth.









Installation of wire, textiles and thread with a heart soap's sculpture

Installation of wire, textiles and thread with a heart soap’s sculpture



This piece of art is representing a cocoon with a lightened heart, half animal half human. A cocoon is a revival’s metaphor. As the artist sometimes needs to withdraw to be able to think, conceive and recreate himself, the chrysalis needs to take its time to come out of his shell and reborn. There is nothing as constant as change.





The Net

While I am weaving, I am thinking about the Julien Gracq’s ‘rough waves and short curls of foam’ (in The Opposing Shore) which burst constantly on the rocks. I think about all traditional fishermen who, every morning, come back with their daily catch, armed with courage whereas so many others destroy seabeds and small producers’ work, little by little…

Hunting’s trophies

I like the idea that everyday objects can really turn into the wildest things after being diverted from their original meaning and form. Here I see a link with the current fight against poaching in Tanzanian natural reserves. As André Breton wrote it, we have the impression that all concerns can loom behind artworks. It only depends on the viewer’s desires and imagination.

Seaweed serie

Dry seaweeds, draw them and engrave them in order to fossilize them as rare pieces. Keep trace of it just like all precious moments in life: flavors, aromas, sweetness. Seaweeds are responsible for half of the world photosynthesis. Breath!


The specimen of corals acquired different meanings in the history of Cabinet of Curiosities. It was initially regarded as a remedy for illnesses such as anaemia, but was also imputed magical powers, such as protection against lightning bolts or the evil eye. Its brilliant color made it an aesthetic ornament. But coral excited scientific interest as well because it was not easily assigned either to the kingdom of animals or plants, while the fact that it hardened to stone once out of the water meant it might even belong to the mineral kingdom.