Every time you choose, you have also to renounce…I have personnally always had difficulties to make choices in my every day life. People always present you life’s reality as simple dichotomy: this or that, heads or tails, left or right, beast or beauty, good or bad, black or white. But one of the most important thing I have learnt in analysis is to relativize. The world is not manichean, the nuance is a key for the prefrontal brain. As I was working with Barbie dolls when I received the opportunity to be part of the Apex Art project, I had the idea to use them as link between my current concerns : life in couple, equity between men and women, issues of modern working mothers. I decided to tint them in « fifty shades of grey » as an echo to the feminist side I have seen in the topic and to tight them on the ceiling by the feet, as if there was a leash to the foot of every woman who is at the same time a wife, a mother and a lady. She has to deal with her tiredness and to fight against the thought’s shortcut of the archaic brain and easy way of thinking which are offered to her everywhere.

The Net

While I am weaving, I am thinking about the Julien Gracq’s ‘rough waves and short curls of foam’ (in The Opposing Shore) which burst constantly on the rocks. I think about all traditional fishermen who, every morning, come back with their daily catch, armed with courage whereas so many others destroy seabeds and small producers’ work, little by little…


This piece of art is representing a cocoon with a lightened heart, half animal half human. A cocoon is a revival’s metaphor. As the artist sometimes needs to withdraw to be able to think, conceive and recreate himself, the chrysalis needs to take its time to come out of his shell and reborn. There is nothing as constant as change.

Black Dino

What is the link between a dinosaur and oil slick? At dinosaur’s era, an asteroid was the cause of the species’ extinction. Today the biggest danger for the animal kingdom is the human being and his incessant and growing activities which destroy nature and endanger the survival of life on earth.


Do not see any religious or political point of view here. It is only an artwork. We just wanted to explore the question of the freedom to express which is the highest value for artists.

Rain of chains

Hanged chains, locks and slave bandle, handcuffs….which evoke a part of the African history : ancient or modern.


Rope of prisoner’s clothes braid together…

Vegetal jail

To enjoy the features of a matter, following it by slow movements to see where it can lead. To improve its properties adding several technique one by one as coat of thoughts : the beautifull pattern that nature can give us and which move me. It reminds me an Old French tale from the 19th century in which the trees are snapping shut behind the heroine as she is entering more deeply in the forest.

House of boxes

Do not over think ! Live the experience with your feelings, your senses : see the sounds, listen the darkness,…Experiment the ubiquity. ..

Remember the room of Gregor Samsa in the Kafka’s novel « Metamorphosis » or the one of « Birdy » in William Wharton’s story… which are metaphor of inner room : isolation and mutism.

Teleport you mind to a cell in a Prison Island in Panama, United States, Vietnam, Italy, or South Africa…going past by a makeshift house such as those of Calais, in France, where the sand dunes and streets became a camping out and squatter settlements called « The Jungle » after the Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy decided to close the Sangatte camp in 2002.