Screen printing project with primary school

This project was an introduction to screen printing. It was cut in 2 sessions of 2 hours and an half.

In the first part, we have started with an introduction about screen printing

  • What is a printmaker?
  • What is their utility?
  • What are printing arts?

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  • On which support can we print? paper/wood/textile

Then I showed them examples of engravings and different types of prints.

  • lino cut
  • wood cut
  • etching
  • aquatint
  • collagraphy
  • monotype

And I explained more about screen printing:

  • etymology

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  • history… in pictures

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For the first session:

  • They had to make preliminary researches on a specific topic (by level) for a observation drawing

CP fishes of Tanzania

CE1 shelves of Tanzania

CE2 insects and butterflies of Tanzania

CM1 corals and seaweeds of Tanzania

CM2 trees of Tanzania

  • Then a draft drawing with pencil
  • A last version with black marker pen
  • And a transfer on a tracing paper to create the typon (final drawing to be printed)

For the second session, we have shown to the children all the different steps from the drawing to the printing.

We have also reviewed the supplies needed with plenty of new words of vocabulary.

  • typon
  • chassis ou cadre de bois
  • maille ou soie
  • photo-émulsion
  • écran
  • râcle
  • table d’insolation
  • développement

The pupils had to fill in a drawn inventory and a comic strip to explain the equipment and the steps before to print their own tote bag by themeselves.

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