The Last Time I Saw exhibition


Pop up multimedia exhibition in a house listed for demolition. The director of The Nafasi Art Space, Jan Van Esch, choose 8 visual artists: Amani Abeid, Ebony Verbond, Rehema Chachage, Miguel Costales, Cloud Chatanda and Nicholas Calvin Jan van Esch himself and myself. “So it’s a house with character, where every artist chose a room and decided to do in it what he felt. This is how the whole thing came about”.

For this exhibition which is also kind of Jan’s farewell, he proposed us to work on a 70’s song from Joni Mitchell called ‘The last time I saw’. It directly guided my mind to the topic of memory and senses.

Half of my artworks have been done on paper : I used it as a metaphoric skin which is connected to the hippocampus. I also exhibited two photographies and two paintings which are snapshots of Dar es Salaam’s nightlife, like a reminiscence of african lights in my insomnia’s nights.

Drawing on paper, A2

Drawing on paper, A2

Spine © Delphine Buysse 2015  Smell © Delphine Buysse 2015



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