Born in Belgium in 1982, I am from an artists’ family. As I was frightened off to throw myself into my real calling, I first studied journalism and communication of museum/contemporary art. But the leopard can’t change its spots and I quickly felt an emergency to fulfill myself.

I have shown a very early interest for art and I have always been drawing and painting. I discovered printmaking in extra activities at the Fine Arts School as a teenager. I still have a predilection for engraving and screenprinting but I like to experiment other techniques of mix media. My creation is my breath.

My art basically includes installations, mix media, engraving (wood, plaster, glass, plexiglas) and printmaking (screen printing, woodcut, linoleum, fine-line, drypoint, etching, aquatint, collography, monotype,…).

Time is probably the most recurrent and common theme in my work : ‘I always feel like I am late to leave traces before I’ll die: this is my incurable obsession’. I like to burry myself into a subject and investigate its psychological and philosophical side. I use the repetition as a link between all the material I experiment in series.

Her work looks fragile (her refined line prints, her engraved glass works) but are strong in subject matter. The fragility of the work is the part that makes it strong.’ Jan Van Esch, managing director of the Nafasi Art Space.



Artist in residence at Red Gate Residency, Beijing, China, Curating and participating artist in ‘Home’, a collective contemporary art exhibition at the DARCH, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Wallpaint at Nyegenyege Festival, Uganda, Creation of Women Xpress, a street art and graffiti workshop to empower young women in street art. Mother’s day workshop at the French Preschool of Tanzania. Printmaking workshop at the French Pre-school of Tanzania. Wallpaint in Pemba, Tanzania, Wallpaint at Hamu, Dar-es Salaam, Wallpaint in Terhan, Iran, Wallpaint in Shiraz, Iran, Organization of an exhibition with the students of the French school at the French. Artist In Residency at Nafasi Art Space, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (February-March), Organization of meetings and art talks with the contemporary artists of Tanzania. Art and neurosciences workshop at the French Primary school of Tanzania. Teacher in art and art history at the French Secondary of Tanzania.


Mother’s day workshop at the French Preschool of Tanzania. Exhibition with the students of the French school at the French Alliance, Dar es Salaam, Cultural school trip in Paris with the students of the French school. First solo exhibition ‘Empty Spaces’ at the French Alliance, Dar es Salaam, Mediation and schools’ visits for ‘Empty spaces’, Contemporary art workshop with students in last degrees at the French schools, Screen printing workshop at the French Primary school of Tanzania. ‘Last Time I saw’ collective pop up exhibition in a house to be demolished, Dar es Salaam. Artisan Market (art fair) with d&D, Teacher in art and art history at the French Secondary of Tanzania.


‘Art on Paper II’ group exhibition at the Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi. Art and philosophy workshop at the French Primary school of Tanzania. Curating workshop at the National Museum of Dar es Salaam (trainer). ‘Concerning the internal’, group exhibition for the opening of Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi. ‘Multiple choices’, Apex Art exhibition, New York-Dar es Salaam. ‘Cabinet of curiosities’, creation and curating of a collective contemporary exhibition (25 artists) at Nafasi Art Space, Dar es Salaam. Mediation and schools’ visits for the Cabinet of Curiosities (19 groups). Artisan Market (art fair) with d&D. Teacher in art and art history at the French Secondary of Tanzania.


Scenography project at the French Pre-School. Private pop-up exhibition in Dar es Salaam. Curating workshop subsidized by the European Commission (in partnership with the British Council and the Nafasi cultural center). Artisan Market (art fair) Dar es Salaam. ‘Chapchap’ event for families and children at Nafasi Art Space, Dar es Salaam. Design and creation of a brand “d & D” (screenprinted and sewed products) with a social aim (benefits for an orphanage). Teacher in Art and Art History in secondary school at the French School of Dar-es-Salaam.


Printing workshop for Tanzanian artists at Nafasi cultural center. (trainer). Organization of schools’ visits for the East African Art Biennale. Organization of a children’s workshop at the exhibition L’Enfer-Me-Ment/Confinement. Curator of the “L’Enfer-Me-Ment/Confinement” exhibition and participating artist. Mother’s day screenprinting workshop at the French Pre-School. Wallpaint for Muhimbili hospital (The Rotary Club International). Animation of an art workshop for sick children of Jengo la Watoto and Tumaini la Maisha, Dar es Salaam. Adults training in screenprinting. Creation of a printing studio (engraving and screen printing): adults lesson, mobile workshop for schools and renting to experienced artists.

Individual exhibitions:

– ‘Home’ ,  2017.

– ‘Empty spaces’, Dar es Salaam, April 2016.

Collective exhibitions:

– ‘Last time I saw’ pop up collective exhibition in a house to be demolished, Dar es Salaam, March 2016.

– ‘Art on Paper II’ group exhibition at the Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi, November 2015.

– ‘Concerning the Internal’, Circle Art Agency Gallery, Nairobi, March 2015.

– ‘Beauty salons and the Beast’, Apex Art project, Dar es Salaam, February 2015.

– ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, Dar es Salaam, January 2015.

– Private pop-up exhibition, Dar es Salaam, May 2014.

– ‘L’Enfer-Me-Ment/Confinement’, French Alliance of Dar es Salaam, October 2013.

– ‘Faces’ by 4Hands, private pop-up exhibition, Dar es Salaam, November 2012.


– « Empty spaces », French Alliance of Dar-es-Salaam, April 2016.

– « Cabinet of Curiosities », Nafasi Cultural space, Dar es Salaam, January 2015.

– « L’Enfer-Me-Ment/Confinement », French Alliance of Dar-es-Salaam, October 2013.


– Arctic Circle residency, June 2018

– Japan 2018

– Basement 6, Shanghai, China,  2018

– Red Gate Residency Beijing, China, November 2017

– AIR Nafasi Art Space, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, February-March 2017