This blog is an outlook on my other activities (events I organize or in which I take part: exhibitions, mediation for schools, visit of exhibitions, workshop for adults or children and commitment in social projects).

Art and neurosciences

We have started with a bit of history: Men have always been attracted by brain’s mysteries, trying to find the place of the soul in the body. In the Renaissance, scientists proved ideas, emotions and feelings were not located in the heart but in the brain. After the discovery of a french surgeon in the 19th century, […]

Creation of an exhibition with teenagers

With the sixth grade we have talked about idiomatic expressions to illustrate. French langage is not uniform but very rich of words and expressions coming from different french speaking cultures which express the different realities of cities such like Brussels, Kinshasa, Geneva, Port-au-Prince, Montreal or Paris. With the seventh grade we have worked on the specific vocabulary (10 words) chosen every […]

Screen printing project with primary school

This project was an introduction to screen printing. It was cut in 2 sessions of 2 hours and an half. In the first part, we have started with an introduction about screen printing What is a printmaker? What is their utility? What are printing arts? On which support can we print? paper/wood/textile Then I showed them examples of engravings […]

Visit of Empty spaces exhibition with students

We have organized visit of the exhibition Empty Spaces with approximately 250 students from IST and French School (from pre school to high school). We questioned the pupils about the artworks on several angle: first, they had to choose their favorite artwork then, we asked them to express their feelings about 2 specific pieces finally, they tried to guess a technique There […]

Empty Spaces exhibition@Alliance française of DSM

   Empty Space was my first solo exhibition. More than 40 pieces about the topic of full and empty. Here is a the word of Mister the ambassador of Belgium, Paul cartier on the opening day. Dear Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is an honour to welcome you here at the opening of the exhibition […]

Family day – The last time I saw

Want to get rid of all your inhibitions? Give them some brushes and colors, the will show you the way to freedom.

The Last Time I Saw exhibition

Pop up multimedia exhibition in a house listed for demolition. The director of The Nafasi Art Space, Jan Van Esch, choose 8 visual artists: Amani Abeid, Ebony Verbond, Rehema Chachage, Miguel Costales, Cloud Chatanda and Nicholas Calvin Jan van Esch himself and myself. “So it’s a house with character, where every artist chose a room and decided to […]

Paper II exhibition@Circle Art Gallery

Feel blessed to have been picked up again by The Circle Art Gallery for its second exhibition of Art on paper November 24 – December 23, 2015    The group exhibition dubbed ‘Paper II’ presents over 50 works on paper in all their variety from drawings, prints, photographs, collage, sculpture and installation. It follows the success […]

Art & Philosophy project with the children

—Why is it interesting to practice philosophy with the children From the age of 3 years, suprised by the world, the children start to ask themselves existential questions about life, death, human relationships, morality, politics, happiness. The child has the gift of a new and curious outlook on the world (naive but not innocent): he/she […]

Curating workshop@National Museum & House Of Culture #NMHOC

Last month, I gave a training for the team of the National Museum of Dar es Salaam. I was pleased to meet qualified and interesting people and very surprised by the enthusiasm and the motivation. The staff of the National Museum is involved despite the fact they face frustrations in the day to day work due to […]

Concerning the Internal exhibition@Circle Art Gallery Nairobi

The first exhibition at Circle Art Gallery gives space to a group of 20 artists chosen for their diverse interrogation of profoundly individual, internal concerns. Concerning the Internal features video, installation, painting and drawing that communicate each artist’s innermost thoughts, experiences or desires. Broader narratives about shared human experiences are counter-balanced by intimate, personal stories.  What brings the work together is its […]

The Beauty salons and the Beast@Apex Art project NYC-DSM

Very happy to have been selected to be part of  this interesting concept of exhibition. A great opportunity offered to us by Rehema Chachage & Jan Van Esch who won the Apex Art franchise for their project. I was pleased to meet the so generous NYC team who traveled to meet us. The concept ‘Beauty Salons and the Beast* […]