This blog is an outlook on my other activities (events I organize or in which I take part: exhibitions, mediation for schools, visit of exhibitions, workshop for adults or children and commitment in social projects).

Chapchap family event@Nafasi Art Space

On the saturday 31d of January, we have organized a ‘curiosity’ chapchap with the help of the artists of the Nafasi Art Space of Dar-es-Salaam – Mikocheni. This family event is linked  to our ongoing exhibition ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’.  We proposed a family art and crafts activity: – collect vegetal element in the area – assemble them together to create an imaginary […]

Visits for schools of the ‘Cabinet of curiosities’ exhibition @Nafasi Art Space

During a whole week, we have organized visit of the exhibition for the Tanzanian and International school of Dar es Salaam. We had prepared 2 lessons: one to be taught at school by the teachers themselves and the other one by ourselves at the Nafasi Art Space. The visit After an short introduction of ourselves, our […]

Cabinet of curiosities exhibition

  to see more pictures and for the art lovers, here is the article from the catalogue en français   De l’histoire parallèle du Cabinet de curiosités ou une histoire des possibles. La curiosité comme première condition si ne qua non à la création d’une exposition. En 1771, dans le dictionnaire de Trévoux, la curiosité […]

Visit of the ‘In & Out side life stories’ exhibition with students@The French Alliance

On the wednesday 12th of November, I have organized a visit for the secondary school French school at the Alliance française of Dar es Salaam. We went to see tthe exhibition ‘In and Out Side Life Stories’ by Jan Van Esch and Ephrem Salomon. With the teacher’s team, we prepared several activities to work on during […]

Scenography worskshop@the French preschool

     Every year, the French school organize a show to celebrate the end of the school. This time, the pre school asked me to make a scenography project with them. As the topic was Brazil, we have decided to build a bird pieces by pieces during one week Thanks to those little ones for the very funny, tender […]

Mother’s day workshop@Alt Del studio

For the Mother’s day, I have been asked to make a special project with the children of the last preschool group (6 years old-Grande Section). The work was based on the feelings. « Have you ever seen your mother crazy, angry, sad, happy, in love…? ». The children had to draw funny mother in those different feelings…Then we selected the […]

Tribute to Christo & Jeanne-Claude@the French secondary school

For the April’s fool, the secondary school have worked on installations. The theme ‘tribute to Christo and Jeanne-Claude’ has been adapted by each age group. The 6th grade (12 years old teenagers): Lollipop tree The 7th grade (13 years old teenagers): Newspaper office The 8th grade (14 years old teenagers): Moto sandwich The 9th grade (15 […]