Visits for schools of the ‘Cabinet of curiosities’ exhibition @Nafasi Art Space

During a whole week, we have organized visit of the exhibition for the Tanzanian and International school of Dar es Salaam. We had prepared 2 lessons: one to be taught at school by the teachers themselves and the other one by ourselves at the Nafasi Art Space.

The visit

After an short introduction of ourselves, our work and the artists, we told the students a story about ‘cabinet of curiosities’.

Helped by a short cartoon movie for children, we explained them the subject of the exhibition.


Then we had a kind of art talk about the big aesthetic questions:

– Is art always beautiful?

– Does it need to like something?

– Is art always painting or sculpture?


Finally, we played different kind of games:

– Find the detail from a piece of art. Where is it coming from?

– Guess what is artwork is made of?

– Tell me the story of that painting (before and after)?


Art and crafts.

We have asked to the children to make insects of recycled vegetal things they found in the garden.

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